Making your machinery purchase effortless


Our mission is to revolutionize the machinery industry by offering you more value than the competition with every transaction. Simply put, we make it easier to buy and remove the risk from your purchase. In simple terms, we make purchasing easier and eliminate the risk associated with it.

Reliable Machines

We work with many quality partners so we can offer you more machinery options than the competition. With FabPlus, we will deliver a solution adapted to your needs at the right price. With FabPlus, we deliver a solution tailored to your needs at the right price.

As a former Production Director in the fenestration industry for over 20 years, I have a deep understanding of the daily production challenges. The right machine can be the difference between costly headaches and prosperous company growth. FabPlus was created to remove the risk from your machinery purchases and give you an incredible return on investment every time. ou will benefit from reliable machines at fair prices, an easy buying process, responsive support and the best guarantees in the industry. We want to help your company grow. Y Let us show you how.

Michel Leblond

Founder, President


When you purchase FabPlus machinery, a trouble-free production process is what’s to be expected, but when support is needed, our experienced and dedicated team will act quickly to restore your production. We troubleshoot, repair and carry out preventive maintenance on all FabPlus purchased machines.
Answer support requests inside a two-hour time frame
Most issues are resolved within 24 hours.
When needed, a technician is usually sent the next day
Most parts are kept in our inventory to reduce idle time
For support during business hours (8am to 5pm Eastern time), please email us at service@fabplus.ca. It is also possible to schedule emergency services during business hours.