4 axis CNC


Standard Features
  • 8.5kW 24,000 RPM Main spindle (most powerful in the industry!)
  • 4.3 meters of processing length, which is 43% more than the industry standard of 3 meter
  • Standard model has 6 clamps and tool chuck with 8 tools holding capacity
  • In order to ensure continuous precision, a stress relieving method is applied in cast and welded pieces
  • The profile can slide on the clamp surface due to its roll system
  • Automatic positioning of clamps with servo control according to receipts on a piece for machining
  • Automatic recovery of working shaft from profile by means of a program in case of power outage
  • Long-life moving parts with automatic lubrication system
  • Robust mechanical design suitable for high speed and acceleration
  • Easy to use and flexible operating system and interface
  • Machine management ensuring high performance
  • Periodical maintenance reminder function
  • Easy adjustment of parameters
  • Service support via remote connection
  • Mitsubishi CNC M720VW control unit, internal HDD, optical communication, high speed and precision
Optional Features
  • Additional clamps
  • Extra length
  • Custom tooling, bits, blades
  • Transformer
Technical Specifications
  • Total power: 19kW
  • Voltage: 400V  3 phase
  • Processing travel (X,Y,Z): 4385 x 1250 x 590mm
  • Maximum profile (WxLxH): 300 x 4160 x 300mm
  • Maximum blade specs: 200mm x 32 x 2mm
  • Dimension machine (L x W x H) 7896 x 3547 x 2642
  • Weight: 6300kg

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