Aluminium Upcut Saw 24″


The Aluminium Upcut Saw 24″ blade, is used for cutting large pieces of aluminum, vinyl and wood.  With the 4 pneumatic clamps and automatic cover opening, this is a very efficient machine to use.  It can cut at angles anda the rise of the blade is regulated so you can have a perfect cut every time.

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Standard Features
  • Hydro-pneumatic cutting
  • Secure cutting by the cover equipped with a safety sensor
  • Cutting speed adjustment based on the profile
  • Cutting at any desired angle between -90° and +45°
  • Cutting at -67.5°, -45°, -30°, -22.5°, -15°, 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45° right and left fixed angles
  • Shearing process via 180° rotary plate
  • Increase in cutting capacity with mobile miter
  • Pneumatic vertical and horizontal clamps
  • 24″ saw blade
  • Conveyor (right)
  • Cooling system
Optional Features
  • Conveyer
  • Single-phase system
  • Dust vacuuming system
Aluminium Upcut Saw Video :

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