Angle Cut Pusher Saw


The Angle Cut Pusher Saw is a great machine to add to your production process because of it’s speed and precision for the profile cutting operation.  Fully automated process.

Standard Features
  • Automatic feed and cutting angle between -22.5° and +45° (2 axis)
  • Industrial PC with Windows based touchscreen and easy-to-use practical interface
  • Data transfer of cut lists over remote network connection, Ethernet and USB
  • Bi-manual safety (can only cut when both hands activate the cutting)
  • Adjustable saw blade travel speed
  • Automatic horizontal clamps
  • 90° and angular slicing
  • Automatic offset calculation when using cutting block
  • Cooling system
Optional Features
  • Barcode printer
  • Dust vacuuming system
  • Profile height measurement
  • Digital adjustment of saw blade travel distance
  • Vertical clamp
  • Servo controlled vice gripper
Technical Specifications
  • Voltage: 400V (Can be customized to 600V, 220V or other with transformer)
  • Total power: 3Kw
  • 550mm saw blade (22″ )
  • Maximum profile loading length: 6 meter (19’8”)
  • Maximum Profile width: 160mm


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