Compound Miter Upcut Saw


The Compound Upcut Saw is a single head upstroke saw for compound cuts. This machine also has manual pivoting inwards or outwards of the head at 22.5° at 140°  with digital angle display and pneumatic tilting of the blade at 90° – 45°. The saw blade is Ø 600mm or 1050mm.

Standard Features
  • Cutting off machine with automatic raising of the blade
  • Rotation and inclination of the head for compound cut
  • Mechanical stop for quick selection of degrees: -45°/90° (inclination)
  • Digital display for visualization of all angles (rotation)
  • Spray mist lubrication (Venturi)
  • Easy setting of the working table to any degree
  • Saw blade diameter  600 or 1050 mm
  • Vertical pneumatic clamps
  • Pneumatic spray mist lubrication
  • Air gun
  • Air filter
Technical Specifications
  • Blade diameter: 600 or 1050mm
  • Spindle diameter: 30mm
  • Advancement speed: Adjustable (oleo-pneumatic regulator)
  • Cutting angles: 22.5° at  140° (rotation) / 90° – 45° (inclination)
  • Working pressure: 7 bar
  • Motor :  3 Kw

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