Door Cutting CNC


This lightning fast 4 axis Door Cutting CNC machine opens up a new world of possibility.  Its strong structure comes with high tech features that will completely change your door department. It uses the head for milling on top AND on the side of the door, and is flexible enough to adapt to future innovations in slab design.

This machine can even be used for processing door jambs if desired!

Standard Features
  • Automatic tool changer expandable for up to 8 tools (4 holders included)
  • Door cutting length with drill bit eliminating the need for a separate saw
  • Processes anything: cut outs, multipoint, hinges, face plates, panic bar, peep hole, door knobs and locks, etc.
  • Fast and accurate X and Y travel thanks to rack and pinion system
  • Automatic loading and unloading of the door slab into the machining area
  • Can unload the door frontwards (productivity) or backwards (floor space requirement)
  • Can be used in a full door line, Fabplus can help you with additional machines types
  • Air blades under the beam for programmable and optimal cleaning of the milling dust and chips
  • Anti-Scratch system, the door slab is clamped only once and released only when the door is fully cleaned
  • Door bend correction with clamping
  • Real 3 axis machining, the Z axis comes standard for more flexible operation (depth of holes)
  • Oscillation movement of the Z axis during door cutting to increase speed and drill bit life
  • 4th axis for door sizing allows perfect travel of the slab by conveyor width adjustment
  • Gantry bridge is coupled on both side of structure to minimize asynchronous pulling wear over time
  • Overbuilt structure frame (4 times bigger than necessary, for added stability)
  • Beckhoff plug and play replacement parts system, no more downtime
User Interface:
  • Sleek 15” Touch Screen with stand and mouse
  • Can process any shapes with G code programming
  • All operations come already preloaded in the machine, no programming necessary
  • Operator simply selects operations on the screen, or uses the bar code scanner
  • Additional templates can be added remotely by Fabplus team
Optional features :
  • Door length Saw Module for increased cutting speed
  • Will need 1 or 2 flip tables depending on the unloading direction of finished door
  • Conveyor for cut panels and drawer for chips
  • Steel drawer with wheels
  • Door frame/jamb CNC machining, great hybrid option for a full 1 machine department
  • Machine safety fences and light curtain custom built according to your layout
  • Bar code scanner
Technical specifications :
  • 8 kW 24,000 RPM Hiteco spindle
  • Can process door height from 30’’ to 96’’ (or more if customized)
  • Width from 12″ (sidelight or door) to 42″
  • Door cutting thickness from 1 ¾’’ et 2 ¼’’ (Including new Novatech HP door)
  • Standard at 230V, 3 phase but can be customized with transformer
  • Floor space is 6 feet x 12 feet + flip conveyor + fence

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