Double Chip Extractor


The Double Chip Extractor is used for vacuuming chips in aluminum, plastic and composite material processing.  Can be connected to two different heads and has more power than a regular model.

Standard Features
  • Centrifugal electric fans at high flow up until 1200 – 3500  m3/h
  • Visual filling indicator
  • Continuous work cycle without maintenance
  • Structure completely made in steel
  • Anti-track, turning wheels with parking brake
  • M Class Polyester filter
  • Container capacity 38 / 100 / 160  liters
  • Rapid release container opening
  • Silencer to reduce the noise level according to regulation
  • Pneumatic motor filter shaker integrated
Optional Features
  • Remote control
  • PVC bags kit for the collection of chips
  • Cleaning kit for cleaning the machine after work
  • Antistatic kit
  • Touch Screen

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