Double Head Compound Saw


The Double Head Compound Saw is a high quality double head cutting off machine with a fixed sawing head on the left and automatic right head that is movable by numeric control with upstroke blades. There is a brushless motor for the positioning of the movable head as well as 2 TCT Saw blades at Ø600mm for the electronic tilting range inwards of saw blades 90°-45°. Moreover, the Double Head Compound Saw includes vertical pneumatic clamps, a 17″ touch screen video, ethernet connection to the main office or with other CNC machines, as well as the possibility of tele-assistance via internet. Read below for more information!

Standard Features
  • Double head cutting off machine with a fixed sawing head on the left and one movable on the right side
  • Automatic positioning of the movable head
  • Rotation and tilting of both blades for compound cuts
  • Electronic pivoting of the head inwards/outwards range 22,5° – 90° – 140°
  • Electronic tilting of the head range 90° – 45°
  • Lubrication by micro-drop oil
  • Servo motor for axe positioning
  • Software HICAM 2 for creating and controlling, highly ergonomic and of easiest use
  • Remote acces
  • Pc with Windows 10 + wifi
  • Saw Blades 600mm
  • Safe guards on the cutting area
  • Vertical pneumatic clamps
  • Air gun 6mtrs length
  • Movable side support
  • Pneumatic central support
  • Air filter
Optional Features
  • Extension length one meter (6 mt)
  • Horizontal pneumatic clamps
  • Label printer
Technical Specifications
  • Blade diameter: 600mm
  • Spindle diameter: 30mm
  • Advancement speed: adjustable
  • Minimum cutting length (between two blades): 450mm
  • Maximum cutting length (between two blades): 5000/6000 mm
  • Air consumption for cycle: 32 Nl.
  • Cutting angles: 22.5° ÷ 145° Rotation / 90 ÷ 45 Inclination
  • Working pressure: 7 bar
  • Motor power: 50Hz/3kW
  • Motor power: 60Hz/4kW

This Double Head Compound Saw is the best options for cutting any type of material at compound angles.  Contact us for more information.


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