CNC Thermal Break Roller


The Thermal Break Rolling Machine, also known as the Thermal Break Crimping Machine, is used to assemble thermal break polyamide strips with aluminum extrusions to create insulated windows. Using the manual version, you can control the pressure on each disc group and prevent bending or warping of the final product. This machine is made with a reliable and simple technology, promoting long life maintenance and durability.

Standard Features
  • 4 groups of driven rolling discs
  • Disc intervals can be adjusted according to the work situation
  • Cycle time of 15 seconds per profile
  • Sleek 15” Touch screen
Technical Specifications
  • Voltage : 230V 3 phase 60 HZ
  • Current: 20 Amp.
  • Feeding speed : 6 to 60m/min (adjustable)
  • Roller height : 39 inches
  • Maximum profile (WxH) : 248 x 190mm (Can be customized)
  • Weight: 1800kg
  • Machine Dimensions (WxLxH) : 47” x 81” x 63”


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